Christmas gift ideas


To find a gift for girls, usually you will look for: Dolls, Toys, Smartphones, Nice dresses and clothes, Jewelry.


Gifts for boys could be any of these: Toys, Smartphones, Tablets, Drones (check age) or RC cars.


Here is where the complicated part begins.
You have to be careful to get the right gift for women.
Gifts for women can be: Jewelery, Jewelery and Expensive Jewelery!
Seriously, these are great gifts for women: Jewelery, Expensive clothes (check sizes), Go buy something nice and expensive together.

What about men?

Gifts for men are more easy than all.
Usually, peace and a good mood for the day is all that’s needed.
As gifts any of these will be great: Electronics, Computer stuff (good ones), Food, The wrist-watch he always talks about, TV, Big TV, Best TV, HI-fi.

Good luck!

Source: Christmas gift ideas, the 2019 Edition


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