AM3 Cooler on AM4 CPU Socket Mod

AM3 Cooler on AM4 CPU Socket mod. Modify cooler brackets that were made for AMD AM3 to fit the AMD AM4 CPU socket.

PDF Template Mod AM3 to AM4 download link

Print without resizing not fit, use actual size. you should check the mounting holes for AM3 to be sure it’s printed without resizing.

The difference is in the dimensions of the cooler adapters that are required and the existing adapter can be modified. The CPU cooler brackets are from my old Scythe Ashura CPU Cooler Scythe normally sells the AM4 brackets but in practice, I could not find one set…

There is no way I would buy the new models of their coolers just because I can’t find the AM4 adapter kit so we mod the existing one. Hope this helps.

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