Add Monese Card to Google Pay

How to enable and use Google Pay in any country with Monese

Google Pay is a really cool way to make card payments using your phone with NFC.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it enables two devices to communicate over a short distance.

Kind of like when you bring your mobile phone closer to a POS machine to make a payment.

The problem is that GPay or Google Pay is not available in all countries.

Even in the EU there are countries that are included ad countries where you cannot get Gpay setup on your phone.

Until today.

Monese added functionality in their app to add your monese card to GPay.

If you have a EURO Monese account and you add it to Google Pay, you get GPay on your phone, instantly, no matter what country you are in.

I believe this is because the Monese card IBAN is a Belgian one (used to be GB but we don’t talk about that here).

It’s that simple.

After you add your Monese card to Gpay, go to NFC settings, make sure NFC is enabled and choose secure element to be Google Pay.

Next time you buy some stuff, try to pay with your phone and be surprised how seamless and easy it is to use.

Still can’t get the Google Pay app because the country is no supported yet but you can see the transaction history in the Play Store ad in Monese too.

Don’t have Monese yet? It’s not just FREE, they give you money to open an account!

Check this link to get the card and bonuses for opening your account.

Curve and Revolut are a nice extra if you don’t have those already, they all give different bonuses.

This page is updated with the most recent offers.

Write a comment with your experience.

Thanks for reading.


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