Revolut vs Curve vs Monese vs Transferwise

  • Present offers and FREE credit + cards
  • Transferwise Free card + Free transfer;

Update June 2022

Curve Card reduces it’s limits for the free tier. Maximum 2 cards added and 3 go back in time / month.
These offers get worse as time goes by so please check updated offers if you decide to use any of these cards.

Almost all cards have reduced limits on forex transactions then more fees apply.

So far Revolut is still the best option tied with Curve and Google Pay but this might change soon.

Curve Card

No offer available at the moment.


No offer available at the moment.


– The selling point for me was the good exchange rates.
– You save money when you need to buy something in another currency or when traveling.
– You can have multiple balances in your account and with one card you can pay in multiple currencies.

Presently we have only free card offer but you should look around on the internet and uou might find people who can offer links that give you €10 bonuses.

They keep changing the offers and experimenting with who gets the new offers.

When we can give you a good offer, this page will be updated.


– All your bank cards in one.
– Add existing cards.
– Good exchange rates like Revolut but with something extra.
– Able to go to a transaction made in the last 2weeks!
– Can change the card that was used. In 1 min after the purchase, aka. Go back in time.


Pretty much very similar to Revolut.

Exchange rates look like are very similar to Revolut and it’s nice to keep it as a backup for Revolut.

Out of all 3 so far Revolut is my favorite because it’s really easy.


Also have Transferwise but they have small fees to load the Transferwise Border-less Account card.

With this link you get a free card and a free transfer:



Revolut is #1, try to change my mind if you think otherwise in the comments bellow.

Curve is one card for all your plastic. With good exchange.

Transferwise could drop the card loading fees. The fees are really small but people don’t want to pay fees.


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