Royalty Free music for YouTube videos

Royalty free music for YouTube videos is music you can use in the videos you upload and not get a copyright violation strike or a claim on your video that uses that music.


YouTube Audio Library

First option and the best is the YouTube audio library.
You should always start with this one when you want music in your videos and you’re not sure what to do. These songs and effects are cleared for the YouTube Content ID system.
The music there is not super nice but it’s good enough and some songs are really good.
Most of the YouTube audio library song do not need any attribution but it’s nice to put a link to a song that you paid zero for.

Epidemic Sound

Another option once you are bored of the first one is the Epidemic Sound audio library.
This one is not free but you can get a
free trial for 30 days with this link:
During the free trial you can upload and PUBLISH as many videos as you like and if you cancel the subscription you got the music for free.
Most important is that they check things based on the PUBLISH date of the video.
After 30 days you can pay monthly 13 EUR or USD equivalent.
Cancelling it is easy, I did cancel it at some point and re-activated the subscription.
Don’t download all the library in the 30 days thinking you can use it later, the personal YouTube subscription doesn’t work that way.
It’s a pretty good option if you upload 1 a week or more often.
Sound effects are included.

A third option is and I’ve looked at it, music sounds really nice but they are more expensive and you can only get a yearly subscription paid in advance, that’s too much of a commitment.

Whatever you choose please don’t use any random songs that somebody claims are free to use or cleared, they might not even own the rights to the songs sometimes.


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