Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Sony Xperia 1V Compare Camera Tests.
Compare Sony Xperia 1 V vs s23 ultra camera video comparison samples test part 4 of 4.
Compare the cameras video recording between Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in real life use.

Part 1

Part 1 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Sony Xperia 1V Camera Test

Part 2

Part 2 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Sony Xperia 1V Camera Test

Part 3

Part 3 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Sony Xperia 1V Camera Test

Part 4

Part 4 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Sony Xperia 1V Camera Test

Comparison Camera Video and Microphone

I do a side-by-side video with S23 ultra and Xperia 1V.
The weather was 31 instead of 33 celsius when the Xperia 1V overheated and it was very windy by the beach so the sound on Xperia 1V was mostly wind noise while the samsung was ok.
Sorry for the wind noise, I keep it so you get an idea of how Xperia 1V sounds like in strong wind. Reduced volume on some super windy parts.

The Xperia 1V recorded a long session of 4k60p in the hot summer sun and even 4k 120fps. No shutting down and no overheating warning.
It was probably because of the strong wind cooling the sony.
I believe the colors on HLG HDR video are just Amazing! for windy days a pair of wind jammer stickers on the microphone holes or external stereo thru usb interface or a regular TRRS microphone is a must.
The Xperia does have a noise reduction function but I didn’t use it in this test.

Difference in size between Samsung s23 Ultra vs Xperia 1 V or Xperia 1V.
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a very versatile phone and is useful in many ways.

Sony Xperia 1 V vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to compare video camera quality and microphone audio quality.

All 4K UHD 30fps, 60fps and 120fps sample footage test HDR10+ vs HLG HDR sample videos.
S23 Ultra records in HDR10+
Sony Xperia 1 V records in HLG BT.2020 HDR Video.

Pros for the S23 Ultra

Microphone quality is really good in windy conditions.
The price now is lower for the S23 Ultra and we can get 512GB storage or even 1TB while the Xperia in Europe is 12GB RAM 256GB ROM storage only.
Camera zoom reach at 10x is much further than the Xperia 85-125 or 3.5x to 5.2x zoom lens.
Bigger and wider displays are easier to use for daily apps.
S23 Ultra S-Pen.
Is built like a jewel with a beautifully designed metal frame around the phone and around the cameras.
8K video recording
Samsung cases are really good Leather and silicone compared to Sony Xperia 1 V that at the moment I can’t find a case for.
HDR10+ video recording option.

Cons of Samsung S23 Ultra

Video is too sharp and phone-like but still very good quality especially at 10x zoom and 100x zoom Samsung is the best I’ve seen so far.
Heavy especially with the leather case installed.
The display feels too wide sometimes and feels more like a small tablet than a phone.
Over-saturated and over-sharpened images and videos.

Pros for Sony Xperia 1 V

4K HDR BT.2020 120fps OLED Display is really beautiful and it has amazing pixel density.
On preorder it was bundled with a free pair of Sony WH-1000XM5 legendary noise canceling headphones and Bravia Core 12 months streaming service.
Sony Xperia 1 V is light and built very rugged with patterns on the back glass and edges of the phone to make the phone less slippery and it looks beautiful too just in a different way.
True zoom lens with moving optical elements.
Headphone jack and MicroSD card slot in 2023 is a major plus for convenience.
Natural colors in photos and videos
4K 120fps and HLG HDR recording in all video modes.

Cons of Sony Xperia 1V

Can overheat fast if doing any heavy processing or recording 4K video in 60fps or 120fps.
The display is too narrow for some apps.
No case available from Sony yet.

Sound problems

I didn’t enable the Xperia 1 V microphone intelligent wind reduction. It’s off by default and was worried it would make the sound tinny.
I should have tested it on /off but didn’t imagine wind would be such a big problem for the sony and kept it off a few days before doing this test and totally forgot to try it during the tests. I could test them with this and external microphones if anyone is interested to hear a comparison.

Prevent Samsung Oversaturated Images and video

Samsung Auto scene detect was off to prevent ‘samsung colors’ everything else was default settings.

HDR on for both. HLG bt.2020 on Sony and HDR10+ on Samsung. Colors on Samsung looked like that on its own display. Also it looked oversharpener most of the time. Some parts looked better on the Samsung I believe but really very few.

Other than the wind Sony has amazing video quality but Samsung takes great photos if auto scene mode is off.
Sony takes great photos too but on the Samsung they look really cool like a modern look while the sony feels like a manual film camera with a Jupiter or Helios vintage lens that can take artsy pics.

Specifications summary

Sony Xperia 1 V Specifications:
Manufacturer: SONY
Model: XQ-DQ54
ROM: 256GB
Color: Black
EAN Barcode: 4589771648728
Sony Xperia 1 V EU model XQ-DQ54

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Specifications:
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 12GB RAM  512GB ROM Cream beige color EU model.
Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics
Model: SM-S918B/DS
ROM: 512GB
Color: Cream
EAN Barcode: 8806094728972
Samsung S23 Ultra S918 EU


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