Bosch ErgoMixx stick blender vs Braun MultiQuick 9 vs MultiQuick 7.

Bosch ErgoMixx Stick Blender vs Braun MultiQuick 9

Having to pick a stick blender seems easy but there are many options and accessories available that it makes deciding what stick blender to pick more difficult than it should.

Stick blender must have

A stick blender is a must have in any kitchen as with a handheld stick blender you can turn vegetables or spices into a paste in seconds.

Sauce, puree, shake and many other delicious and healthy treats can be made using a stick blender.

What blender to choose

The best stick blender is a light and powerful device but you might have to compromise on one of those.

Bosch ErgoMixx Stick Blender 600W

Model Bosch ErgoMixx MSM66120 / 02 Type CNHR25

Bosch Blender MSM66120 02 Type CNHR25
Bosch Blender MSM66120 02 Type CNHR25

The Bosch ErgoMixx stick blender 600W grey version is powerful enough for most uses and I bought the one with a chopper included.

Bosch Stick Blender 4 blade system stainless steel plastic
Bosch Stick Blender 4 blade system stainless steel plastic

Stick blender and chopper for a great price, yes please.

Bosch ErgoMixx Stick Blender 1000W Black

Bosch ErgoMixx Model number MS6CB6110 /02 Type CNHR26C

Bosch Blender 1000W MS6CB6110 02 Type CNHR26C
Bosch Blender 1000W MS6CB6110 02 Type CNHR26C

The Bosch ErgoMixx stick blender 1000W black version is almost identical in size and shape to the 600W version but it’s a lot more powerful at 1000W and the color in black is more stylish.

Bosch Stick Blender 4 blade system
Bosch Stick Blender 4 blade system

I would have bought the Bosch ErgoMixx 1000W stick blender but for this blender they didn’t have a chopper accessory included and it was also more expensive.

Braun MultiQuick 9 Stick Blender

The Braun MultiQuick 9 stick blender was my first choice.

Even being more expensive, I wanted a blender with no plastic parts touching food and easy to use but powerful blender.

The Braun MultiQuick 9 is very powerful at 1200W and it is mostly stainless steel but as all stick blenders with rotating parts, there is a small part made of plastic that holds the blender blades centered.

I love the Braun MultiQuick 9 and accessories included but the thing I really don’t like is that parts inside the blender move to make the blending action better. Some kind of pumping action that, I believe, is one more reason for failure later.

Why chose Bosh ErgoMixx over Braun MultiQuick 9

Bosch ErgoMixx stick blenders have a slimmer blender leg and a 4-blade design that can help mix things much faster.

The Bosch ErgoMixx Stick blender’s blade housing is more streamlined and the stainless steel appears to be well made.

The Bosch ErgoMixx Stick blender 600W is less powerful and can be less noisy and save energy.

If you need more power, the Bosch 1000W stick blender is the same form-factor but more powerful.

The accessories might be compatible between the 2 blenders but included accessory sets are different.

Bosch stick blender motor connection
Bosch stick blender motor connection

It’s lighter and slimmer than Braun MultiQuick 7 or MultiQuick 9 blender models.

Why choose Braun MultiQuick 9

Braun is a well known manufacturer of good home-ware products.

Braun MultiQuick 9 is more sturdy and feels more solid in the hand (can feel bulky).

The connection between the motor and the blender foot is more solid than on the Bosch ErgoMixx blenders.

The pumping action of Braun MultiQuick can make blending certain foods easier.
More accessories included than what Bosch offers.


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