Pen not working, how to fix a ballpoint pen. Pen not working fix ballpoint pens or
How to fix a ballpoint pen without any tools or ink solvents.
Ink ballpoint pens will stop working if not used for a long time.
Use the tips in this video to revive a ballpoint pen that doesn’t work anymore.

How to fix a BallPoint pen

How ballpoint pens work

How a ballpoint pen works is by using a tube filled with pen ink similar to a fountain pen but the ballpoint pen ink is made into a thicker and sticky consistency.
The Ink flows out from the tube and is restricted by a ball at the end of the pen. A ballpoint pen ball will allow ink to come out as the ball rolls on a surface such as paper.

If the surface is too smooth and shiny, the ball will not roll and the ballpoint pen ink will not be released. This makes a ballpoint pen not work in many cases.

How is a ballpoint pen made

Ballpoint pens can vary widely in shape sizes and functionality. The ball point pen components can be made of multiple material types but the main components are the same.

Ballpoint pen refills

Some ballpoint pens have a larger refill reserve and some have the standard thin ballpoint pen refill tubes.
The simplest ballpoint pen refills are the thin ink tube refill with a brass end that encapsulates a Steel ball that will roll onto paper and release ink.
Some ink refills contain different ink types some thicker and some ink gels smoother making writing with a ball point pen feel similar to using a fountain ink pen.

Pen types

Pen types can be fixed without moving parts and a cap to cover the ball point.
These pens are the cheapest and simples to make and use.

The pen can have a mechanism to make the ball point come out or retract.

Ball point pen ink color

The most popular ink color for ball point pen refills is blue but black is used often too and red os usually used to correct previously written pages.

There are even multi color ball point pens with green, brown, yellow, orange ink too.


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