Philips Steam Iron repair Thermostat fixed.

Philips steam iron model specifications Philips PowerLife SteamGlide 85g 2000W
Philips SteamGlide steam iron for clothes not working.
Plugged in, not starting. Philips steam iron not working silent no thermostat noises.

Philips Steam Iron repair

The problem could be damaged electrical wiring, water damage, heating element broken or thermal fuse failure.
A steam iron not working even when setting the thermostat to Maximum setting and especially if you don’t head the noise in the video might mean the steam iron has a bad thermostat or a failing thermostat.
Clean and reposition the thermostat if needed.
A steam iron thermostat can be replaced with a new part.

Watch video for disassembly instructions and how to fix the steam iron thermostat.


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