RTL SDR HAM Software Defined Radio receiver – RTL.SDR unboxing, tests and antenna setup

The RTL SDR box finally arrived and I’ve unboxed it and did a few tests.


It has 2 antenna SMA female connecttor plugs. One for UV and another, for HF.

UV is for UHF and VFH and is for 30-30MHz and higher.

HF is for frequencies bellow 30MHz. It’s useful for receiving shortwave signals and HAM too 🙂

The default antenna is a piece of wire but looks a litle better than the antenna provided with the small tv dongles like RTL2832U.

Was able to receive FM and checked the frequency accuracy… spot on!

Got a few noisy shortwave stations and the airport weather broadcast.

RTL SDR Video coming soon

In the meantime you can check my channel and maybe SUBSCRIBE? https://youtube.com/DragosIonRO

Thank you! 🙂



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