Fix Noisy Oven Fan & Replace Oven Light

Fix Noisy Oven Fan & Replace Oven Light

Showing you how to fix the oven light and fix a noisy oven fan.
Showing this easy fix on an Ariston Hotopint oven but most ovens are built the same and this solution can be applied to many oven makes and models.

The fan makes a loud noise sounds like metal touching metal and it sounds like the motor in the oven has failed and needs to be replaced but there is a chance that you don’t need to replace the motor but just check the motor’s fan and see if the fan became loose.
If this is the case, all you have to do is tighten the nut that holds the fan on the motor.

Also changing the oven light bulb.
Before changing make sure that the light bulb is the problem and not something else.
If the light bulb has it’s filament broken, you know that bulb needs to be replaced.

The light bulb is a Philips
25W, 300 degrees Celsius, 230v 240v
if the light bulb cover is missing, you should replace the light bulb cover so that the light bulb does not burn again.
The light bulb cover prevents grease splashes from touching the light bulb and damaging it.
You can use it without a cover for a while, temporarily.
Our light bulb cover just broke one day.

Replaced it with a 15W bulb because I couldn’t find a 25W bulb.
It works perfectly now.

Thanks for Watching and reading.

How I fixed it video


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