SilverCrest Headphones

SilverCrest Headphones & USB power sockets

Allow me to present to you, my official yotuber headphones! 🙂
Bought these headphones from Lidl.
They are SilverCrest headphones.

Excellent sound with a 50mm PET membrane
They have a connector for a second headphone to have 2 pairs of headphones from the same sound source.
Gold plated 3.5mm audio jack – this one is great!
Cable length: 140cm / 1,4m – cable is a bit short for me, have to use an audio cable extension.
Frequency range /response: 20 – 20.000 Hz (not like I say in the video 20.000 KHz sorry about that)

The headphones are size adjustable and can be folded for easy transport.

SilverCrest Hifi Headphone model: SKH 50 B1

Made for Lidl Europe by:
Kompernass H. GmbH
Manufacture date 2016-08
They are made in Germany yey 🙂

The power socket with USB specifications:
USB Socket adaptor
Model: UBSA-004 10298C IAN273790
Max. 3120W, 13A, 250V
USB: DC 5V, max. 2.1A(total) for both USB sockets
Made by: Uni-Electra GmbH
Made in Germany yey again 🙂

USB car charger specifications:
USB charger
Model no.: HG01710A
Voltage in: 12V/24V current 1A
Voltage our: 5V current 2.1A
Version 10/2016



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