Clean Clogged Print Head in Inkjet Printer

Cleaning Clogged Print Head in Inkjet Printers

Cleaning a clogged print head in inkjet printers is easy to do, just need to follow a few steps.

Fix inkjet printer ink cartridge HP, Canon

Inkjet ink cartridge deep cleaning taking the cartridge apart and cleaning all cartridge components. All in the video bellow.

Inkjet ink cartridge deep cleaning

Fix inkjet printers with separate print head

You need a syringe, window cleaner liquid, Isopropyl alcohol 70% or higher and distilled water.
Oh and a lot of patience.

Also showing how to diagnose transport and pickup roller problems in the inkjet printer and fixing them when the printer does not pick-up paper in the paper feeder.

This is a Brother printer, model MFC-215C

First video, how I found it

Second video, Clogged print head cleaning

It’s a multi-functional printer, scanner, printer, copier, and fax machine.

How to clean a clogged print head in inkjet printers.
Cleaning a clogged print head can be done in several brands of printers.
You can apply this method in inkjet printers that have the print head as a separate unit from the ink tanks.
You cannot do this on printers that have the ink containers and print head as one unit as HP does. For that we have uploaded another video.
This is applicable for Canon, Epson and Brother printers.

Inkjet Printer suction tool

Inkjet Printer suction tool


2 responses to “Cleaning Clogged Print Head in Inkjet Printers”

  1. Hello there.
    I am contacting you regarding the video “Print Head Cleaning DIY solution for Brother inkjet printers”. Good piece but not complete. The video is missing how you removed the plastic gear that controls the pick up roller. My printer has the same type of problem but I can’t take the gear out to examine if it is good or not.
    Hope you will be able to help. Thanks


  2. I too have a Brother printer that only uses Black and blue to paper.
    How do I access the printer head cover to place the paper towel in place? Your video completely ignores this procedure. Otherwise, very informative.

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