Digital Ocean $100 FREE cloud hosting

FREE Digital Ocean Cloud VPS

We have tested recently Digital Ocean for cloud hosting and so far the experience is really good.

Make yourself a DIY cloud server to fit your cloudy needs. 🙂

You can try it yourself:
Get $100 cloud hosting credit for FREE on Digital Ocean with this link code. Have to signup after clicking the link.

Let me know how your experience with them goes.

Best part about this is learning to configure a VPS server and customize it to do exactly what you need.

Tried also AWS, this trying it but I prefer DO so far.

The Amazon AWS complicated array of services makes it easy to mistakenly use more resources than you need and ending up in over-spending.

Digital Ocean is pretty simple, you have your Droplet and traffic allowance (that is pretty good).

If you worry about traffic and charges you can set ALERTS!! 🙂

But if you got so much traffic that is good traffic then it’s okay to pay for more GB of bandwidth.
Also they charge for OUT only, downloads are not charged as far as I know but this could change, better check with them.

Alerts for CPU, RAM, Disk and BANDWIDTH USAGE 🙂

You can set alerts for billing too – when you go over a limit you set, you get alerted.

Give it a try using my link code and you
Get $100 FREE cloud hosting credit on Digital Ocean
Click Here to sign-up and get your 100 USD credit.

You should use the credit within 60 days and after that you can share your own referral link to give free credit to other users and earn free credit at the same time for yourself.


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