How to transfer potted plants to ground

How to transfer potted plants to the ground – garden or how to re-pot plants into bigger pots.
Showing transfer of Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia).

Video How to transfer potted plants to ground

Specific for Lavender: You need soil that drains well and that does not form water puddles during rainy seasons. They survive very well in hot and freezing weather and are useful
as Moth and Mosquito deterrents.
Place few sacks of lavender in your closet and moths will stay away and won’t eat your clothes.

Showing what to do for transferring the plants into the soil to be sure the roots expand and are not root-bound.
When the plant stays too long in a small pot, it’s roots try reach the edges and start to spin forming a ball of roots.
This ball will stay like that unless you expand it and fluff it a little.

You will need to remove some of the roots on the edges and cut the roots with a knife to free the roots and allow them to expand into the soil after you transplant them.

Don’t be afraid to cut the roots or even trim the plant if it’s too large.
They will grow back faster than ever!

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