iPad Black Screen Fix After Not Starting

iPad black screen problem is when your iPad won’t turn on and the screen stays black and shows low battery after charging a long time. Your iPad does this? Read further.

How to fix your iPad easily when it won’t turn on even if you plug in the charger.

iPad not starting black screen

  • iPad works normally;
  • iPad stops working and the screen turns black;
  • When you try to charge the iPad, it shows the low battery for a few seconds and turns off again.
  • If the battery is low on your iPad this is normal.
  • You would only have to let the iPad charge for 10 – 15 minutes and it starts automatically.

The problem here is that the iPad won’t start and the iPad also doesn’t charge.

To fix this problem, you don’t need any tools.
Just use your hands.

Start by keeping your ipad plugged in and charging for at least 1 hour.

Then, while the iPad is still plugged into the charger do the following steps:
Press the power button on the iPad and keep pressing continuously.
While you continue to keep the power button pressed, also press the home button and keep them both pressed for 8-10 seconds.
The iPad will show the low battery icon again.
Do the sequence again: Power button, then power + home for 8 seconds.
Repeat this many times with iPad charging.
You might have to do it 20-30 times.
If no luck, keep the iPad charging for longer before you try again. Keep it charging for 6, 12 even 24 hours.

iPad Black Screen Data Recovery

When the iPad finally starts, take the photos and any important files out of the iPad into a Mac or PC.

After doing this and RECOVERING YOUR FILES, you can take it to Apple for replacement or repair.

If you don’t have warranty anymore you could try to replace the battery yourself.

iPad black screen fixed after not starting

This is how to replace the iPad Air battery.

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2 responses to “iPad Black Screen Fix After Not Starting”

  1. Beverley Miller Avatar
    Beverley Miller

    Does Dragos Ion do repairs of iPads for the public? Or, does he only make videos?

    1. Hello Beverly,
      We don’t have a repair shop and we’re far in Europe.
      Would try to fix it if you send it but it’s not worth the time and shipping cost.
      You should be able to easily find a local repair shop.

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