How to use the Ohms Law Calculator app available for Android device on the Play store.

Understanding Ohm’s Law

Understanding Ohm’s Law is essential if you are interested to learn electronics or electrical engineering.
Ohm’s Law establishes the relationship between voltage, current, resistance and power in a DC electrical circuit.

To simplify the process of calculating these values, there is the Ohms Law Calculator app for Android device s.

This fast application provides a convenient tool to quickly and accurately determine voltage, current, resistance, and power values based on the Ohm’s Law calculation formulas.

How to install the Ohm’s Law Calculator app

Installing the Ohm’s Law Calculator App:
Use this link Ohms Law Calculator App Free on Google Play Store from your Android device.

Tap on the app and click the “Install” button to download and install it on your device.

Ohm’s Law Formulas

Ohm’s law formulas are based on relationships for DC Voltage between Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power.


Voltage (V or E) is the electrical force that drives the current in a circuit, measured in volts (V).


Current (I) is the flow of electrical charge through a circuit, measured in amperes (A).


Resistance (R) is the opposition to the flow of current in a circuit, measured in ohms (Ω).


Power (P) is the rate at which electrical energy is transferred or consumed, measured in watts (W).

How to use the Ohms Law Calculator app

Launch the app on your Android device.
At the top of the screen you can chose 2 value types, they must not be the same.
Chose from Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power.

By default the lists are predefined to Voltage and Current but you can change these at any time without having to reset any values.

Enter the values in the units you selected in the input boxes below.

Once you have both input boxes filled the rest of the Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power calculations are updated automatically.

If you would like to share the results with someone or save them in your notes, use the Share button and you can use the Android share options as you would with any other app.

Read in the app the about us section for details about how the app works.


The Ohms Law Calculator app provides a convenient and efficient solution for calculating voltage, current, resistance, and power based on Ohm’s Law. With its user-friendly interface and additional features, it simplifies the process of electrical calculations, making it an invaluable tool for professionals, hobbyists, and students alike. Install the app on your Android device, master Ohm’s Law, and unlock the potential for accurate and efficient electrical circuit analysis.


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