Rocky Linux download and installation

Rocky Linux vs Centos vs Oracle Linux

Since Centos 8 and Centos Stream came out, I’ve been looking for an alternative Linux operating system for our small web-server.

The OS could be Debian based but I would prefer it if it’s RHEL based since I’m used to that.

What to choose between Rocky Linux vs Oracle vs RHEL vs Centos Stream now.

Presently running a Centos 7 small server and I found this new Linux OS project made to replace Centos as it was until version 7.

Enter Rocky Linux

They are not ready yet, as I type this but are expecting to have a stable release soon.

It is binary compatible with RHEL same as Centos, same as Oracle Linux.

Oracle Linux is very similar with a few additiona from Oracle.

For a small web-server I don’t know, they are both free but I like the default page of Apace in Debian more. A bit silly but it’s the truth.

After all this, I would not want to go to the dark side with Oracle Linux and might finally give Debian a try.


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