Textar VW Polo 9N Brake Rotors and Brake Pads

VW Polo 9N Brake Pads and Brake Rotors Change Without Special Tools

Textar brand brake pads for VW Polo 9N
Product code Textar 2313001
Made by TMD Friction Services GmbH. Germany
Made in Romania

Textar brand Brake discs / brake rotors for VW Polo 9N
Series Textar Pro+
Product code Textar 92082205
Made by TMD Friction Services GmbH. Germany
Made in China

VW Polo 9N Textar Brake Pads and Textar Brake Discs Rotors

VW Polo 9N Brake Pads and Brake Rotors Change Without Special Tools step-by-step video instructions and highlights of what parts are harder or trickier.

VW Polo 9N Brake Pads and Brake Rotors Replacement

Bonus gravity brake lines bleeding and brake fluid flush without pressing the brake pedal and without any special tools.

VW Polo 9N Brake Pads and Brake Rotors Change Without Special Tools Step-by-step

I decided to use Textar brake rotors and Textar brake pads as they seem from what I read online that Textar is supposed to be the same quality as OEM BMW brake pads and rotors.
If it’s good enough for BMW, It’s going to be more than enough for me and my VW Polo 9N.
I paid for all the parts and this is not a sponsored post or video.

The hardest parts are getting the old brake diwc rotors off the wheel hubs. I recorded that part very closely but it got lost in the files tranfer.

To remove the brake disc rotors:Spray WD-40 on rhe Philips screw but also around the holes from the front top, everywhere like you see in the second part of the video.

Do that as soon as you remove the wheel.While you remove the brake caliper and brake pads, the wd-40 works it’s magic.

Then take a decent hammer and hit it like you see in the video but harder. there I was just starting before the next video was lost.

Hit 2 times on left then 2 times on right.Repeat until the rotor just starts moving or falls on the hub or on the ground.

Do not have your feet or hands under the rotor. let it fall or when it’s moving, it’s easy to pull with your hands.

Clean the wheel hub with light sandpaper or a wire brush if there’s rust.Use wd-40 then brake cleaner to make the wheel hub surface super clean.

Feel the surface with your fingers to ensure no texture is present from any rusty spots.Grease as in the video using Copper Grease Antiseize so the rotor is easier to remove next time.

Changed the brake pads and brake rotors on the car – exhausted but I did it, recorded it and somehow half of the videos 100GB got corrupted while transferring to the SSD.Good thing the other 100GB of video was ok and I was able to recover parts of the corrupted files just enough to make a video for you!

This VW Polo 9N Step by step full details video will be members only.If you didn’t have a reason to join this channel yet, the video is close, detailed and full of useful information that’s not in even 1 video on the internet now.

All the forum posts and videos I read and watch didn’t prepare me for the tricky parts.

This video will prepare you so that you can do the brake pads and discs change without a problem.

Enjoy the video and thanks for being a member of this channel!Any questions, please do ask in the video comments section and I will answer asap!


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