Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9 Review Pros and Cons Global Version

The Xiaomi Mi 9 Global version smartphone was released in February 2019.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 transparent edition or Mi 9T is expected to be released in mid June 2019.

Mi 9 Phone specifications

My phone details:
Mi 9 Global Version
128GB storage and 6GB RAM.
Piano black color variant.

Video Xiaomi Mi 9 Unboxing

Video Xiaomi Mi 9 Pros and Cons

Main strengths

Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.
Beautiful display 6.39″ Samsung AMOLED with a good resolution of 2340 x 1080 FHD 403 PPI.
Has 6GB RAM and 64GB or 128GB (My version).
Camera, Sony sensor 48MB yes megapixels.
Triple camera with AI functions.
Separate lenses for ultra-wide mode, wide mode and telephoto.

Video recording

1080p and 4k recording 60fps or 30fps.
1080p slow motion 120fps / 240fps / 960fps
Slow motion looks really good

Video stabilization works perfectly when you are in 30fps modes.
In 60fps mode FHD or 4k the stabilization seems to be off or performing worse.

20MP front camera.

In-screen fingerprint sensor.

Battery is a bit weak at 3300mAh but will last for a whole day without problems.

USB Type-C and fast charging.
Really appreciate the fast charging part!
Supports up to 27W wired fast charging but the included charger is 17W only… still fast enough.

Wireless charging is available at 20W but I have not used it at all, maybe later.

Supports the latest and greatest 4G (not 5G) and wifi standards / bands.

NFC works really well on the phone.

GPS is accurate and sound is loud enough.

I have been using this phone as my main and only phone for a few months now.

Overall I LOVE it but….

It has some issues like most smartphones there are a few pros and cons.


In low light the screen is too dim.

When I use the phone in low light, the Auto brightness feature sets the brightness on my Mi 9 to a level that is too low.
I find myself having to manually increase the brightness all the time only for it to go back when ambient light changes to bright and then back to dim light again.

Xiaomi please do something and fix this.

Not sure if this is a problem of MIUI Global 10.2 or a generic Android 9 Pie problem.

Sometimes touching the edge of screen results in extra key presses.
Maybe it’s just me not being used to thin phone edges but I accidentally press the sides of the phone when using it especially if I try to use the phone with ONE hand.

In my pants pockets, if the screen facing inside I found it many times locked after x failed passwords or taken pics in pocket.
I like to keep the phone with the screen facing inward just in case I hit something while walking and this way I hit the back of the phone not the LCD screen.
Before you ask, it happened before.

Camera 48mp or normal mode heavy sharpening and noise reduction artifacts.
For a phone still good. This one is not a big problem but dont think the quality is DSLR-like.

Included case does not protect cameras and phone can wobble if on a flat surface because of cameras.

Had to purchase another case to avoid placing the phone’s camera glass directly on the table.

No headphone jack. Enough said.

This trent with no headphone jacks has to STOP.
As a matter of fact there is news right now of a Mi9T version that will have the 3.5mm headphone jack!

256gb would be great to have. Or memory slot.

It would be very nice to have a memory card slot and with a tray that can have 2 nano sim cards and a micro-sd all installed at the same time.
This Xiaomi, do this.

The good or Plusses +++++ or Pros

Fast and speedy smartphone.
The phone works perfectly.
No slowdowns, all fast, 855 magic.

Video, slowmo, 48mp.
These are really useful especially for having a high wuality photo video recorder all the time ready and available to use. In your pocket.

Screen looks great.

Its just beautiful, you have to see it to understand.

Wifi and 4G work great.
As expected.

Price is a major plus, at half price of the competitors, it’s a great deal.

Dual sim works beautifully.

Bright enough in direct sunlight.



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