Change the Taskbar Size in Windows 11

How to Change the Taskbar Size in Windows 11

How to Change the Taskbar Size in Windows 11

In this post you will find how to make the Windows 11 taskbar smaller or larger depending on preferences. For now this can be done with regedit Registry Editor but when a more user-friendly way is available, I will update this.


Resize the taskbar in Windows 11

You can use the regedit.exe program to edit the registry and resize the Windows 11 taskbar size.

Press Start Menu > Search regedit > Open Registry Editor App.

In Registry Editor navigate to the key bellow.


Inside Advanced > Right Click > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value

Name it:


Open it with double click and give it one of the following values then press Ok to save it.

0 is for the small taskbar
1 for normal size (default)
2 for the big taskbar

Logout and log in again or restart the computer. Now your taskbar is bigger if you chose 2 or smaller if you chose 0.

If you need to change the taskbar size to normal again, you repeat the steps above but choose 1 onstead of 0 or 2. That should bring the taskbar size to normal after a restart or logout and re-login.


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