Check car tyre pressure when the weather gets cold.
When the summer is finished and the cold weather starts, check and fill your tyres with air.

Check car tyre pressure when the weather gets cold

In hot weather the air inside the tyres expands and had a normal tyre pressure.
As the temperature outside cools down, the air inside the tyres contracts and this reduces the pressure in your tyres.

Make a habbit to refill your tyres with air at least once a month and especially when the weather changes from hot to cold.

Modern cars have pressure sensors inside the tyres so it’s much easier to know when you should refill the tyres with air or ask someone to fill tour tyres with air.

The tyre air station and your local gas station usually works very well and it even beeps after the pressure is correct.

The actual pressure you set depends on your car, tyre specifications and load on the car.
I set my tyre pressure to 2.4 bar or 35 psi on the front wheels and 2.0 bar or 29 psi on the back wheels.

I used to fill with air pressure of 2.2 bar on the front and 1.9 on the back but a bit more pressure feels like the car drives better.

When the tyres are inflated properly, the car engine uses less fuel for the same distance and soft tyres make the car harder to move.


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