Dead Hard Disk Drive Recovery

Dead HDD Recovery

How to fix a Dead Hard Drive or what to do with it when it can’t be fixed.
What to do when a Hard Drive won’t work anymore.
There are a few things you can try to do to repair your failing HDD.
Some will work, some will not work.

It’s important to start with the easy ones first.

Fix a Dead Hard Drive Video

Other important things to remember

Once your Hard Disk Drive works, IMMEDIATELY copy all important files out of it.
When you have your important files back from the failing disk.
Do not to use that HDD for anything important or even better, get a new Hard Drive and stop using the old one completely.

When all else fails

When all fails open the HDD and take the magnets out.
There are many cool tricks you can do with the hard drive magnets.
They are very powerful so be careful with how you use them.

DO NOT put your fingers between the magnets.

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