Grow plants from cuttings

Grow Plants From Cuttings

How to grow plants from cuttings easy at home with a simple trick or let’s call this the rooting and propagating plants hack. 🙂

How to grow plants from cuttings video

You take cuttings from plants that you might see where you leave. Ask permission first if the plant is not your own.

Just take a cutting from a healthy looking plant and it’s better if the branch you take is more woody but still a bit green.

When rooting plants, the green branches start developing roots the fastest but are more weak later compared to woody branches.

Also woody branches develop roots slower but are much stronger once they have their roots developed.

I used rooting powder that stimulates the plant to grow roots faster.

You can grow plants from cuttings using any brand of rooting powder, liquid, gel or even honey.

You can even do this without any rooting powder at all.

I used it because I have it and it’s easier, just get the cheapest rooting powder/liquid that you can find in your local gardening shops.

Use potting mix and add some perlite if you have(not really necessary).

After the plants are in the potting mix, water the plants until the pot is fully saturated with water.

Place a plastic bag on top of the plants to keep moisture in.

Once a day or every other day, open the bag and spray the plants with water. keep the bag open for about 30 minutes.

After 2 weeks they should have developed roots and won’t need to cover them with the bag.

Keep the plants in the shade until their roots are strong and they start growing.

Enjoy your free plants. 🙂

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