Test relay 9v battery

How to Test a Relay with a 9V Battery

How you can test if a relay is functioning properly?
To test the relay, you only need a 9V battery for the most basic test.


Relays have 3 kinds of terminals, coil terminals, NC and NO terminals.
NC is normally closed.
NO is normally open.
The Coil terminals control the state of the relay. Closed or open.

NC is letting electricity pass thru the relay when there is no voltage and electric current flow across the relay coil terminals.
When the coil is energized, the NO terminals, close and let electricity flow.

Just place the battery on the relay terminals that are connected to the relay coil.
When you place the 9 volts battery on the relay coil terminals, the relay will click.
Try the switching the + and – positive and negative terminals if the coil doesn’t work.

Relay test video

Showing in the video the power supply of an old JVC VCR.
Matshushita JD2a-DC12V

And a Chinese Arduino relay module.
Songle brand. SRD-05VDC-SL-C
10A 250VAC



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  1. Stephen Rolheiser Avatar
    Stephen Rolheiser

    How about a 30A 240VAC 4 pin relay, part number Y90-SS-124DM-J?

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