How to make a USB OTG Cable for Android, DIY guide.

From USB Type-A Female to Micro USB male type Micro-B.

Make this cable from new connectors and wires or even better, you can reuse an old USB cable to make this.

Be careful with the USB pin-outs, make sure you get it right and not reversed. It’s easy to be confused with USB connectors.

If you make it, write a comment saying how you use your OTG cable.

DIY USB OTG Cable Video

A few uses for an OTG cable on Android phones and Android tablets.
Connect a mouse to a tablet,
Connect a physical keyboard to your tablet, if you type a lot, this is really useful.
Most popular, connect a USB flash drive to access files on a phone or tablet.

One of the main reasons I was not seeing a tablet as a laptop replacement was being unable to quickly plug-in a USB flash storage drive. Now this works great.

To connect an external portable hard drive this won’t work because the HDD needs more power.

To see a cable that works with a portable HDD, subscribe and see that video also soon!

Lots of uses for an OTG cable!

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If you made this, write a comment say how it is.

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