Earthquake Survival kit 01

Emergency Blankets Mylar LDPE Thermal Cover after Earthquake

Emergency blankets mylar LDPE thermal blankets after an earthquake.
Used in emergency situations to keep warm in a survival situation.

Emergency blankets

It’s a good idea to have 2-3 emergency blankets in your home in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes or heavy storms.

In case of earthquake like the recent earthquake that happened in Turkey and Syria of 7.8 magnitude.

You should have a bare minimum set of emergency supplies ready to use and last for 2-3 days minimum.

Earthquake relief donations for Turkey and Syria

Most important is to have bottled water in your house or flat. In multiple rooms in case one room becomes inaccessible, you can reach for water in the other room.

Keep a few emergency thermal blankets like the LDPE Mylar blankets shown in the video to keep warm in the winter if windows are broken and it’s cold outside.
Keep also dry nuts and high calories protein bars usually made of oats and dry fruits. Keep dry fruits.

Identify at least 1 place to take cover near your bed in case of earthquake and the best spot to stay in case of earthquake.

Try to stay near your fridge as there will be lots of fresh food supplies if needed.
Tap on a piece of metal with a stone to make noise and shout if you hear people calling r walking nearby.

A survival set is useful especially a whistle to alert rescuers of where you are.

Beware of any objects that may fall during an earthquake and after.
The best place to stay is usually a corner of a room where the walls sound full when you knock on them (solid structural beams of concrete).

Also it’s good to be under a table or next or the bed in case something falls, it would fall on the table or bed and you have a change to stay in a pocket of air between 2 walls and next to a bed or a table.

Itemized list summary in order of importance:
– Water
– High calories protein bars
– Dry food, nuts, dry fruits
– Emergency blanket
– Whistle
– Your phone
– FM AM Shortwave radio
– Walkie talkie or Long range radio transmitter and receiver.
– Power banks charged sitting in a drawer
– Flashlight

Stay safe and do not run on the stairs or to the lift during an earthquake.

After the quake is finished, take only the survival kit and your documents and go outside and wait until you know the building is still safe to live in.


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