Grow herbs from cuttings in plastic bottles

Grow your own herbs in the kitchen. This bottle trick turns any plastic bottle into a miniature green house to propagate plant cuttings.

5 Ways to grow herbs from cuttings indoors in the kitchen at home with plastic bottles.
This plastic bottle hack you can call it a plastic bottle trick. Grow herbs from cuttings. Bring the supermarket at home and propagate herbs in the kitchen.
Cut the bottle in 2 places as shown in the video.
Use the top part as a lid to cover the plant herbs cuttings make roots and grow more herbs to eat.
All instructions in video, please watch carefully without skipping not to miss an important step.
You can grow herbs in the kitchen at home in the plastic bottles or you can move them to a pot that can sit above your kitchen sink.
Every time you rinse a clean dish, you can give the excess water to your herbs. Bonus – you can feed the herbs with used leftovers coffee grinds from your expresso machine.
Write in the comment section bellow what herbs you grow for your kitchen!

Grow herbs from cuttings in plastic bottles

Grow herbs on kitchen counter


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