Google Search dark mode settings

How to enable Dark mode on Google Search

To enable dark mode or dark theme on Google Search is now as easy as one click.

Google has been rolling out the tark theme for Google search slowly recently and you might already have the dark theme in Google search available.

At this time not everyone has dark mode available as this is due to probably a slow testing and roll-out of the feature.

To see if you have it, make any google search, for example search for 

and on the top right side on Chrome dekstop or Firefox desktop you will have a gear icon that was not there before.

That is the settings menu.

Click the settings menu and look for a setting called Dark Theme.

Video demo

If you have the setting available it would look like this:

Dark theme setting

Settings button

Dark mode is off by default. I’m not sure why they call it dark theme instead of dark mode. Dark mode is what (almost)everyone calls dark themes these days.

How to enable

Default Dark theme: Off

You enable dark theme with 1 click.

Dark theme: On

Boom, everything is dark in Google Search now.

How to disable 

You can always disable it by clicking it again.


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