Automate Mouse Clicks on PC record and playback mouse actions.

Automate mouse clicks using Python in Windows 10 and this simple script.

Python is an increasingly popular programming language for quick tasks like this one.

My Python programs are made of 2 parts.

one that records mouse click events, that’s all that it does.

The second part plays back the recorded actions from a dictionary saved as a simple string.

This can be used to automate almost any task that is done only by clicking with the mouse or dragging in a straight line such as faders on a video edition software.

My GitHub repo:

You can automate effects presets in most programs to speed-up your workflows.

You can automate clicks in Excel, Word, Davinci Resolve, anything really.

This can be extremely useful for Windows 10 Windows 11 and Linux programs that don’t have a way to record actions and replay them.

For now it only works for mouse clicks.

Try to avoid drag and drop for now – later if anyone is willing to contribute to the GitHub repo, you are welcomed to branch and send a pull request.

The new version also records the timing of the clicks.

Some menus take a bit longer to show so with those mouse clicks, the replay of the actions is in real-time, same as you did when you recorded them.

Video demo

Video: how to use

A very interesting use case is Adobe Audition multi-track automation.

At the moment there is no way to automate the process of adding filters to Adobe Premiere exported projects to Adobe Audition.

This script allows you to record all steps of adding multi track filters and effects and master effects.

Once recorded, the actions can be saved and when you have a new Adobe Audition project, you can automate the effects selections and presets.

Another interesting use case is a custom program that is old or cannot be updated and has a button that needs to be clicked once every hour for whatever reason.

Instead of you having to do it manually, this will do it for you.

It can even be used to shut down or restart the computer.

Any action can work as long as it’s done by clicking the mouse.


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