Linear Fluorescent Tube Lights Upgrade to LED

Linear Fluorescent Tube Lights Upgrade to LED retrofit.

T8 60cm Fluorescent tube fixture upgraded go LED tube fixture.
Removed Starter from Fluorescent fixture.

Fluoreacent to LED fixture modification upgrade

Removed ballast from Fluorescent fixture.
Most important is to mark the fixture as LED ONLY.

Do not install a Fluorescent tube in a LED fixture or a modified fixture for LED tube lights. Fluorescent tube light without ballast may not start wich is the safest way to fail but
might also start without ballast and get damaged instantly with damage to the things around from pieces of glass.
Only for LED after the modification is done.

LED Tube Type A

The LED Type A tubes are ballast compatible and will work plug and play but they will use slightly more energy because the balast is not removed.

Type A LED tubes may not be compatible to your fixture or with your balast.

LED Tube type B

Type B 1 LED single side terminals

There are 2 types of Type B LED tubes.
First is single sided where L and N are separate pins and there is a dummy starter that will bring the N to the L side on one of the pins.

This can work only if the existing fixture connectors are not shunted.
Shunted means the 2 pins on one side are shorted together.

You can use a multimeter to test the tombstone connectors that receive the ends of the tube light (with no tube installed).

If there is continuity between the pins on one side they are Shunted tombstone connectors and they will NOT work with Single sided LED tubes. The single sided LED tube will have a marking on one side named Input with L and N for each of the terminals on that side. The terminals on the other are usually dummy connectors to hold the lamp in place in the fixture.

There are various types of fixtures and some will not work for this.

LED tube Type B 2 double sided terminals

Second type is with terminals at both ends L on one side and N on the other side.
This type is much easier to build and safer to install I believe also.
Third bonus option is to get a completely new LED light fixture and install that which has the LED lights and fixture built-in as one unit. These LED tubes will have L marked on one end and N on the other.

Type 3 built-in LED and Fixture

The thirds is the easiest but you can try option 2 if you like and feel confident you can safely do it.

High voltage electricity is DANGEROUS.
Call an ELECTRICIAN to install light fixture for you.
If you try this, you do it at your own risk.

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