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  • How to DIY weld plastic

    How to DIY weld plastic

    How to fix plastic without glue. DIY plastic welding. A DIY guide on how to weld plastics easily at home with just a cheap soldering iron.

  • DIY Drip Irrigation System

    DIY Drip Irrigation System

    How to make a DIY drip IRRIGATION System Simple with Plastic Bottles. It’s very simple and efficient. Like this water is delivered to the plant roots directly instead of having water evaporate from the surface. Using this way you feed the plants better, stimulate root growth and use less water. There are good drip irrigation…

  • How To REMOVE RUST From Tools

    How To REMOVE RUST From Tools

    Removing rust from tools and clean rusted pliers. Video how to clean rusted tools How to clean rusted tools and make them look like new. Easy to clean method using only household items. Once you remove the rust from pliers using this method, they will not rust again. No more rusty tools. 🙂

  • USB OTG Y Cable

    USB OTG Y Cable

    USB OTG Y Cable – Power External HDD Power an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with this DIY USB OTG Y Cable. It’s simple to make and with this you can power external USB OTG devices that require more power than what a Smartphone or Tablet can provide. You can use an old cable for…

  • DIY USB OTG Cable

    DIY USB OTG Cable

    How to make a USB OTG Cable for Android, DIY guide. From USB Type-A Female to Micro USB male type Micro-B. Make this cable from new connectors and wires or even better, you can reuse an old USB cable to make this. Be careful with the USB pin-outs, make sure you get it right and…

  • Dead Car Battery Recovery – Charging

    Recover your dead car battery with a custom constant current / constant voltage power supply. Visit https://www.ionhowto.com A regular charger will not charge a battery that was siting a long time and reached a very low voltage but this can! After bringing it to normal voltage 10v to 12V, you can continue the charge with…

  • UV LED Array Exposure Box DIY Build

    UV LED Array Exposure Box DIY Build

    Building a UV LED Array and a PCB exposure box out of cardboard.. yeah. This UV LED Array and box pcb are DIY home built 🙂 with a simple design. This exposes a PCB in 2,5 – 3 min using aproximately 1,2A at 12V I use a 2A 15V power supply that powers a simple…