VW Polo 9N Rear Brakes Replacement

VW Polo 9N Rear Brakes Replacement

VW Polo 9N Rear Brakes Replacement

How to replace rear brakes on VW Polo 9N.

Rear Brake Shoes and Brake Drums Replacement Without Special Tools.

VW Polo 9N Rear Brakes Replacement

Bonus gravity brake lines bleeding and brake fluid flush without pressing the brake pedal and without any special tools.

The hardest parts are getting the old rear brake shoes out without removing the wheel hub and bearing and without removing the reak brakes cylinder.

Textar brand brake shoes replacement parts 

Product code Textar 

Made by TMD Friction Services GmbH. Germany 

Febi Rear Brake Drums 

Before lifting rear of the car on stands, open the trim cover of the handbrake and access the handbrake adjuster but.

Use a 10mm ratchet key to untighten the handbrake cables as far as it can go without removing the nut completely!

Put stoppers on the front wheels behind and in front of the wheels.

With the engine off, put the car in first gear to keep it more steady.

Release the handbrake all the way down and make sure the handbrake cables are loose.

Lift the car safely on a jack and use standa for both sides of the car so that both rear wheels are 

To remove the rear brake drums spray WD-40 on the Philips screw and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Do that as soon as you remove the wheel. Best is to remove both wheels and spray the philips screw that holds the brake drumps as soon as you start.

While you wait before removing the brake drums and brake pads, the wd-40 works it’s magic.

Take a decent sized hammer and hit it like you see in the video also use a flat screwdriver to pull the brake drums while hitting the brake drums with the hammer as seen in the video.

If the wheel hub and the brake drum are not spinning, the brake shoes might be locked and you can unlock the brakes by pressing on the wedge as shown in the video.

Clean the wheel hub with light sandpaper or a wire brush if there’s rust.

Use wd-40 and brake cleaner to make the wheel hub surface super clean and free of rust.

Feel the surface with your fingers to Ensure no texture is present from any rusty spots.

Grease as in the video using Copper Grease Antiseize so the brake drums are easier to remove next time and don’t grease the big wheel nuts screws.

Changed the rear brakes on the car and I felt exhausted.

It’s much easier to change brake pads and it’s really hard to change brake shoes mostly because of the springs tension and mirror orientation on the right brakes vs left brakes.

I suggest you take pictures or better video of how the brakes are assembled before you remove them and during every step to have a reference to go back to.

I tried to record everything as close and detailed as possible but at some point with the big top springs it was too hard to do both recoring and actually doing it well.

The rear brakes have the handbrake too so watch that part carefully as there is a way to pull the brake leaver closer and hold the handbrake cable at an angle to remove the handbrake steel cable and to reinstall it.

After reassebly tighten the handbrake aduster nut and pull up the handbrake to confirm the wheels lock on both sides before you lower the car on the ground.

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All the forum posts and videos I read and watch didn’t prepare me for the tricky parts of the front brakes and especially for the rear brakes.

This video will prepare you so that you can do the rear brakes replacement without a problem.

Enjoy the video and thanks for the members of this channel!

Any questions, please do ask and I will answer asap!

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