VW Polo mk4 9n service interval warning reset

VW polo mk4 9n service interval warning reset.

VW Polo 9N reset service indicator INSP interval timer in the dashboard.
A service key indicator shows next to the odometer kilometers mileage indicator.
And service alert INSP blinks text shows after starting the car.
This will reset the service warning INSP alert in the dashboard.

Reset the service interval VW Polo mk4

Reset the service interval on VW Polo 9N.

The INSP dashboard service warning indicator.

The wrong way to reset INSP – doesn’t work this way.

The correct way to reset the INSP service interval warning.

INSP warning and other warning lights in the dashboard.

You should take the car to a mechanic to do a checkup of the car when you get this service warning in the dashboard but if you service the car yourself, you can safely reset the service interval timer when you finish the car maintenance.
Oil change, filters change and check fluids, check condition of the suspension and wheels too.


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