Windows 11 nag screens after update.
How to avoid the Windows 11 beta nag screen after updating.

Windows 10 also had a nag scren afte updates were applied but on Windows 10 you could say remind me later and it would not bother you until the next major udate.

Enter Windows 11, the remind me later button now says remind me in 3 days. That means it will show-up again much sooner than you would want it.

It’s still possible to avoid getting a free (then full paid) trial.

We have to follow the steps and say no thanks for Android Windows 11 integration then choose no backup and again, no thanks again for Microsoft 365.
Avoid getting one drive setup and avoid Microsoft 365 subscription trial.
If you don’t have another way to backup your files OneDrive is at least an option so you can use it if you need it.
For Microsoft 365 or Office 365 there are alternatives such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and more.
It’s up to you how to setup your PC as long as it’s what you want.
Also changing the default browser from Edge to Chrome.
Firefox is an even better option as a default browser. I didn’t install firefox yet but will do that soon – if Windows 11 allows it haha… really.


Windows 11 nag screens after update

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