How to make coffee without a coffee maker at home in a coffee cup.

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How to make coffee without a coffee maker while camping

This video shows you how to make coffee without a coffee maker machine at home or outdoors in the park or how to make coffee while camping.
Do it yourself Coffee in a cup.

All you need are the following:

  • fresh clean drinking water
  • a water boiler electric or using a fire stove or a camping gas stove.
  • the coffee grounded
  • sugar if needed
  • a nice cup
  • cleam or milk
  • a teaspoon (optional)
Making coffee without a coffee maker

Making Coffee Steps

Put grounded coffee in your cup dry without any water.

Add sugar and cream powder if needed.

Boil the water.

Pour the hot water in the cup a bit faster than you usually do so that the coffee is mixed with the water well while pouring.

Wait 2 minutes and add milk if needed.

Enjoy your nice fast coffee anywhere you like.


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