How to connect speakers to a computer PC or laptop.
Connecting speakers to a computer can be either very easy or a bit difficult.

Computer here means either a laptop or a desktop PC.

Wired speaker cable

The easiest way to connect speakers to a computer is to use a wired speaker cable.
The speaker cable sould have a 3.5mm TRS or TRRS jack on the side connecting to the computer.

Look on your laptop or at the back a desktop PC for a round socket the size of your 3.5mm TRS jack. The speaker connector should either have a green ring around it or a symbol with an arrow pointing out from a circle.

Green is line out
Blue is line in
Red is for microphone in

Insert the speaker cable to the speaker port and set the speaker volume to the lowest.
Play any music or video on the computer and check the volume control in Windows to increase it at about half way 50%.

Increase the speaker volume slowly until the speaker is loud enough but not too loud.

Bluetooth speakers

To connect bluetooth speakers to a computer, Use a bluetooth USB dongle or enable the built-in bluetooth function on your laptop.

Turn on the bluetooth speaker and set it in bluetooth pairing mode – check operation instructions manual for each model.

On your computer, search for bluetooth devices and click then pair the speakers when they show in the bluetooth device list.

Once paired, you can play music or videos wirelesly to the bluetooth spearkers.
The best range is usually maximum 10m if there are no obstacles so 5 meters is easy.

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