Keep cool on hot summer days

How to keep cool on hot summer days

How to keep cool on hot summer days

On hot summer days, if you must be in the sun, wear a hat.

Sun hats with UV protection

Even better wear a sun hat with UV blocking protection material.

A sun hat is designed to have a wide brim to act as a personal umbrella for your head.

The wider the sun hat brim the better.

Hats cooling hack

On exceptionally hot summer days, wearing a hat can reduce the ventilation capacity of your head. The hat can make it feel even hotter especially if it’s not a hat with air vents for cooling.

This is where the this hack or trick comes into play. When you wear a hat and it’s hot, pour water on your hat.

Soak the hat in water – clean water and then put the hat on your head.

As the water evaporates, it cools your head rapidly and you get an instant cooling feeling good.

WARNING! This should be done only on hot summer days and not when you might feel too cold and especially never do this if the temperature is bellow 30 degrees celsius.
You might get sick, if you feel too cold, remove the hat and let it dry.

Using a towel

Any hat can be used for this trick but you could even not use a hat at all.
Use a towel, wet the towel and place it on your head to feel better instantly in the sun.

T-shirts work too

You can use a t-shirt
Soak the t-shirt in water and wear it on your head as a hat.

Hope this helps you feel a bit better in the hot summer days.


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