Water pressure pump not working humming not starting.

Multistage pressure pump for clean water used for water heater boiler or pool.

Water pressure pump not working humming not starting

Pump not starting humming or buzzing

The pump works less and eventually it can even stop working completely.

The auto pump control works and tries to start the water pump motor but the motor makes a humming noise or buzzing noise and the motor is not spinning not working.

If the motor is humming stop the power immediately and follow the steps in the video to prevent motor coil damage and having to replace the whole pump.

Replacement Pump

Replacement Pump

Check for leaks

Check for leaks

Expansion tank

Expansion tank


Before opening any electrical box please read the safety warnings and call a plumber or electrician to repair or replace your water pump.
Do not try this at home! This video and post is not meant to be an instructional video, I just show you how I did it and it might be wrong for your country or pump model.

Danger, high voltage electricity!
If you try to do this, you are doing it at your own risk. I am not responsible for your actions.

Call a plumber, watch them fix it while you relax.


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