How to open a door silently in the home or in the car.

A squeaky door can be very loud and disturb people around you.

This is why it’s good to know how to open a door quietly and silently without bothering people who are sleeping or just to remove noise from your home environment.

Fix door sticking mechanism

In this video you see how to fix a sticky lock on any door. The handle moves but the mechanism inside the door is stuck.

Fix door squeaky noise

If the door makes a squeaking noise when opening or closing it may be sagging and touching the floor or is too high on the hinges and it touches the door frame as it opens and closes.

Sagging door fix

If the door is sagging and touching the floor, you can use door hinge risers or spacers.

These rings are called door hinge lift rings and can be found at at most shops. Check price for door hinge lift rings These door hinge spacers are essentially just metal brass spacer rings that when inserted between the door and the frame, they lift the door slightly just enough to keep the door opening and closing freely.

The door spacers are made in various thicknesses so that they can be used to adjust the door height as you need easily.

How to know if a door is sagging

You can tell a door is making noise because of sagging by pressing the door handle to open and as you push the door to open pull up the handle to lift the door slightly. If the door has some resistance from friction on the floor, lifting the door while opening will make the noise less or it could make the noise go away completely. in this case, you check if the door hinges are removable so that you can lift the door and insert the door hinge lift rings as shown bellow.

Lift sagging door with door hinge lift rings

Sagging door fixed

In this video you will see how to fix a door that doesn’t close properly or is noisy.

Door creaking noise fix

If your door is making a creaking noise, it could be that the hinges need lubrication. This is a very easy fix.

All you need is a lubricant spray. You spray on the door hinges especially where the hinge parts are moving. While spraying the hinge with lubraicant spray, you can move the door closing and opening to help the spray reach the inner parts of the hinge.

You can use many types of lubricant sprays. Grease spray works well, silicone lubricant works great and even the trusty WD-40 can make the hinge noises go awaw. WD-40 is not exactly a lubricant, it’s made to keep moisture away but it works great and most important, it lasts a long time because keeping moisture away will also prevent rust from forming inside the hinge and make it noisy again.

Open the door quicky

Sticky door lock fix

To make a door less noisy, you can try to open it quicky so it makes less noise than it would if you open the door very slowly.

Also like that the noise won’t last a long time.

Oil the hinges

You can use oil to lubricate a noisy door. Mineral oil works best but you can use any oil really. Even cooking oil will work but the cooking woil will become thicker as it ages and it can make the door open harder. As a last resort you really can use cooking oil and even use olive oil to lubricate door hinges.

Open the door carefully

How to open a door
How to close a door

You should really just open the door carefully without too much force like in the funny video bellow. There is no need for more force and you can use the door stopper as a lock to keep the door from closing too fast and making a loud noise.

Noisy door in the car fix

Noisy door in the car fixed as seen in the video bellow.

Fix noisy door in car


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