Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error B200

Printer error B200 happens often and usually at the wrong time. When you need to print and get printer error B200 on Canon inkjet printers usually this is related to the printer printhead or ink delivery to the print head. Canon printers show error B200 if the print cartridge needs to be replaced also sometimes. There are a few things to try and fix error B200 in Canon printers.

Fix common Canon inkjet printer problems

Restart printer and computer

Before going forward, restart the printer by long pressing the power button then disconnect the power to the printer and reconnect the power back to the printer and start it again pressing the power button.

Restart the PC or laptop to be sure it’s not a temporary problem with the printer drivers or printer software.

Clean the printer ink cartridges in printer software

You can try cleaning the printer ink cartridges from the printer software menu.

Troubleshoot – clean ink cartridges. You can do it for black and color cartridges at once or separately. You should try this for all cartridges installed.

Ckeck printer cartridges

Remove the printer cartridges and inspect them for damage or leaks. If your printer cartridges also contain the print head, check the printer cartridge contacts for any visible damage to the contacts or the connections of the print cartridge. Clean any excess ink you find on the cartridge and on the slot where the cartridge is inserted. You may try to clean the print cartridge contacts too for ink cartridges with built-in print heads.

Re-insert the cartridges and try to print a test page or any document.

Deep clean for printer ink cartridges

Clean print head for ink cartridges with built-in print head

You can follow the steps in this video for printer cartridges to remove clogs in the cartridges.

A few steps to unclog a printer cartridge, you can try them all if the print nozzles are still blocked.

Use distilled water so that mineral deposits don’t clog printer ink nozzles.

Try to use a suction tool to pull ink out of the print cartridge.

Clean print head with separate ink cartridges

This video shows the steps to unclog a printer print head on printers with separate ink tanks. You can feed the cleaning fluid through the ink cartridge as shown in the video and the print head becomes unclogged eventually. Like this you don’t waste precious printer ink and can repeat the process as many times as you need until the print head is cleaned completely.

Unclog print head

If all previous attempts fail

It’s time to try replacing the print cartridges or print head depending on your printer model.

On some printers, replacing the print head is such an expensive job that very often it makes more sense financially to replace the whole printer with a new one.

What printer should you buy next?

Not an inkjet, in my opinion. Laser printers are a bit more expensive to purchase but the running cost is much lower than inkjet and print quality is far superior. Often people buy an inkjet printer because it’s cheap and it prints color. You don’t need to print in color 99.9% of the time and a multifunction laser printer will last much longer than a cheap inkjet printer. There are even color laser printers available for cheap these days.

Inkjet printer vs Laser printer

When to buy an inkjet printer?

When you need to print some volume of pages daily and you need the cheapest solution and don’t care if it stops working in 6 months.

When you are a student if you need to print some documents for a while.

When to buy a laser printer?

If you need to print high volume or very high volume of documents daily.

If you print rarely and don’t want to have a nervous breakdown when the inkjet printer cartridges are dry again.

If you print one document every 6 months or even less often. Laser will work much more reliable than inkjet technology.

Should it be multifunction MFP or printer only?

If you can afford it, buy a Multi Function Printer aka. MFP. They can do a quick copy, scan, email easily.

If I buy a Multifunction Printer should it have automatic scanning?

ADF Scanning makes scanning a 50 page document super easy so if you can afford to pay a little more, get it with a flat-bed scanner and ADF scanner.


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