Fix printer paper feeding problems in inkjet printers or laser printers.

Works on HP Canon Epson Brother and others

Fix paper feeding problems in any small inkjet printer.

This works with most printers HP, Canon, Brother, Epson. The printer can be inkjet or laser.

The feeding rollers on most printers are very similar.

Printer won’t take paper

The problem is when the printer tries to print, it does not take a sheet of paper to begin the printing job.

The paper feed rollers that are supposed to feed the paper into the printer do not work and just slide on the paper instead of pulling it.

The inket printer does not feed paper and you get a paper jam error or no paper in paper tray error.

If you do have paper in the printer and the paper is normal without any folds but still get printer errors related to paper jam and paper feed print tray empty, read on or watch bellow.

Paper feed errors on HP, Canon, Epson, Brother and other printer manufacturers are common and can have many causes. There are a few things to check bellow.

Paper feed errors

Open the back of the printer and check if there is any paper sheet stuck in the printer transport rollers. If there is any piece of paper there.

Carefully remove it and close the printer inspection door.

Is there paper in the printer paper feed tray? Is it pushed as far as it goes according to manufacturers instructions for it to be reachable?

You can try to push the paper a bit with your hand when it tries to print.

If pushing the paper a bit with your hand helping the paper feed rollers fixes the problem, your printer feed mechanism is either damaged or just the feeder rollers are dusty or dirty from the paper dust or ambient dust.

Printer Feeder Fix

Fix printer won’t take paper

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This can be fixed easily with a printer / scanner transport cleaning sheet.

But printer transport cleaning sheets are made for bigger printers and scanners and I will try to make a DIY printer transport cleaning sheet.

You can put double-sided tape on a sheet of plain paper and try to feed it to the printer for a bit.

This can damage the printer so you try this at your own risk as seen in the video it works.

Alternative ways are as the viewers suggested, don’t turn the printer on and put double sided tape on a piece of cardboard or a ruler.

You can move the cardboard or the rukker with sticky tape on the printer rollers to collect as much dust from the rollers are you can.

Home printer fixed

This is valid only for small printers where you don’t have easy access to the paper feed rollers.

Large printer fix

If you have access to the paper feeding rollers, you can just clean them with special rubber safe cleaning solution or as a last resort you can use water or alcohol.

That way the rubber on the feeder rollers will be able to grab the paper and feed the printer.

Please note that alcohol especially in higher concentrations can make the rubber age faster and get easier to break. Use water at fist.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section bellow. I will answer them as soon as I can.

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