How to remove or fix scratches from phone screen with a glass screen protector.

Fix scratches on phone screen

Better a smartphone with a glass screen protector than scratches on my mobile phone screen.

This really works

This might make some people upset because it’s just a screen protector but you should try this first.

It really does work, it hides the scratches and most important your fingers wont touch broken screen glass.

Fine scratches can be hidden when you apply the screen protector.

How it works

The glue in the screen protector will fill the gaps in the scratched glass screen and will make them invisible.

Also the screen protector will protect your fingers from touching pieces of loose glass.

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Will it work for a cracked screen?

This only works when the smartphone screen got scratched.
It does not work to hide cracks in the phone screen but it will still protect your fingers if you use it on a cracked screen.

A cracked glass screen is always better to be replaced but scratches can be ok to keep if you can ignore them and not look at them all the time.

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