Carabiners uses life hacks

Carabiners uses life hacks

Carabiners uses life hacks. What to use carabiners for at home, in the car or while camping outdoors.

Most important is to know the maximum weight a carabiner can support before it breaks. Half that, half it again and you use a quarter of the maximum weight of the carabiner.

Carabiner uses life hacks

These carabiners are NOT made to support the weight of a person. For that please find another video on YouTube, there are many.

These carabiners have a max. weight of 50 kg but I would only use them on weights up to 15 – 25 Kg. just to be safe.

Carabiners work great on bag packs to hold a bottle of water on the exterior or a tripod while hiking.

Carabiners are perfect keychains. You can easily add or remove keyrings from a carabiner.

Carabiners can be easily attached to uninterrupted cables or ropes because the eyelet can open and close easily.

What do you use carabiners for?


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