Test Condenser Microphone with Discord Rode NT1 mic. and Rode AI-1 audio interface.

Test Condenser Microphone on Discord App Rode NT1 microphone and Rode AI-1 audio interface on Discord tested.

Kit components

Rode NT1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Studio microphone.
Rode AI-1 Audio interface
Rode SM6 Shock mount system
Rode XLR Cable Female to Male 6m long XLR cable.


Rode NT1 Studio Kit https://rex.red/rode-nt1-studio-kit *
Rode NT1 Microphone https://rex.red/rode-nt1-microphone *
Headphones https://rex.red/sony-mdr-7506  *
Kit with Mic Stand https://rex.red/rode-nt1-mic-stand *
Rode Ai-1 https://rex.red/rode-ai-1 *
Rode Ai-Micro https://rex.red/rode-ai-micro *
Mic Desk Stand https://rex.red/rode-microphone-stand-desk *


Rode Studio Kit https://rex.red/th-rode-complete-studio-kit *
Rode NT1 https://rex.red/th-rode-nt1 *
Rode AI-1 https://rex.red/th-rode-ai-1 *
Headphones https://rex.red/th-sony-mdr-7506  *
Ai-micro https://rex.red/th-rode-ai-micro *
Mic Stand https://rex.red/th-rode-mic-stand *

Test condenser microphone on Discord App

Test Rode NT1 on Discord App in Windows 11 desktop setup.
If your Rode NT1 microphone volume is low, check that you set the gain level to 12 O’clock and most important check that P48V Phantom Power 48 volts is Enabled as seen in the video.
If you don’t have phantom power enabled your microphone level will be very low.
If the phantom power in the audio interface is enabled and still not loud enough, try to talk closer or increase the microphone gain but then you can get more noise also.
Hope these tests helps someone.
Test talking from far and talking closer to the microphone.

Video tests

Test condenser microphone on Discord App

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