WWF Recycled Plastic Backpack For The Future

WWF Recycled Plastic Backpack For The Future collection

WWF Recycled Plastic Backpack For The Future collection.

Label details

World Wide Fund For Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund).

With WWF panda symbol.

For The Future WWF a range of products cobranded with WWF Outdoor bagpack.

Main material, lining and webbing are made from post consumer recycling of PET bottles.

Made from approx. 21 pet bottles 550ml / 18 oz.

Made in China

Dimmensions: in cm. 30 x 43 x 15 in inch 11.8 x 16.9 x 5.9

Fabric made from Recycled PET.

Material: Recycled Polyester. PCV Free.

Product code: P507871 EAN Barcode: 5054903817567

Is it any good?

The exterior material feels a bit weak and thin. It looks like fine fiber hairs are coming out of it too easily and does not look waterproof.

The inside material is very good with nice padded shoulder straps and the bottom of the bag is also foam padded so that you don’t break any device inside the bag if it falls from your shoulder.

The shoulder straps have a bit of padding but not much reinforcement.

The rough exterior material may be useful on the shoulder straps to prevent the bag from sliding on your shoulder if you like to wear the bagpack on only one shoulder.

There is zero heat dissipation on the area in contact with your back so wearing it on one shoulder may be the only option with this bag.


Bag material inside pockets and and what fits inside the bagpack.

WWF For The Future bagpack


Not bad but external material should be much better to protect what’s inside the bag.


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