The Xiaomi 12s, Xiaomi 12s pro and Xiaomi 12s Ultra are set to be released on July for 2022.

Xiaomi 12S series launch on 4 July at 19:00 GMT+8

What we know

Live Launch Xiaomi 12S Video
Live Launch Xiaomi 12S Video

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra is set to be released in partnership with Leica and Xiaomi.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra 1-inch Sensor Camera

That means that the cameras on this phone would be something completely different than what we’ve seen before and hopefully this will not disappoint.

There is a rumour that the sensor size of this your phone will be 1-inch sensor and that’s going to be amazing if the phone uses the 1-inch sensor and uses the full size of the one intensive not like the previous Sony phone that had this previously, Sony Xperia Pro-I that had the sensor of one but was using a subset of the sensor.

The new 1-inch sensor is a Sony IMX989 made especially for smartphones. IMX989 is developed by Sony in partnership with Xiaomi and is rumored Xiaomi contributed partly to the development cost of the new sensor.

The only problem with the Xiaomi 12s pro or Xiaomi 12s ultra might be (especially for the ultra) that is not available in Europe and only available in China and that would be a let down I believe.

If it’s available to purchase, the Xiaomi 12s ultra will probably be my next phone. 


Hopefully Xiaomi will not disappoint and hopefully Xiaomi 12S Ultra and 12S Pro will not have rounded bevel edges. Flat screen please as the S21 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

There I said it!


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