Change cabin air filter VW Polo 9N Mk4

How to change cabin air filter VW Polo 9N Mk4.
You can clean the cabin air filter with compressed air or even wash the cabin air filter being careful not to damage the material of the filter folds.

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Cabin Air Filter VW Polo 9n mk4

How to video

How to change VW Polo 9N cabin air filter

How to remove and re-install

How to remove AC air filter from VW Polo 9n mk4 and how to install AC Heater cabin air filter.

To remove the cabin air filter on VW Polo 9N, you look under the passenger foot well and see the cabin air filter cover.

Cabin air filter housing on VW Polo 9N

Slide the locking tabs towards the center of the frame then pull the cover downwards.

Pull the filter down and either use compressed air to clean the cabin filter or wash it. You can reinstall a brand new filter too if you prefer or you cleaned it too many times. Usually you would clean it 2-3 times.

When you install the cabin air filter back into the filter frame observe the markings on the cabin air filter that say air flow direction or arrows.

The air flows from the passenger door towards to center of the car so you should install it the same way as the old filter was installed or if the old filter was installed wrong, replace the cabin air filter and install the new filter correctly.

Washing the cabin air filter is not ideal but only rinsing the filter with a bit of pressure from a garden hose might make it last longer.

New filter is the best way then compressed air then last option is to wash the filter.


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