What’s in my bag YouTuber essential gear for making videos on YouTube.

What’s in my bag YouTuber essential gear

As an important note, you can use your phone for everything except audio. In some cases even your phone is great to record sound.

We used our phones for a long time to record many of the videos on our channels.

The most popular video on this channel was recorded with an old pocket Canon Ixus camera and a tripod acting as a stabilizer.
Some videos were recorded with the Nikon D810 but 1080p was the limit for that.

Since we started uploading in 4K we used phones exclusively and a digital recorder, Sony PCM-A10 paired with a diy Primo em172 or another set made with Primo em258 microphone electret capsules.

Now we use the Panasonic Lumix S5 with the 20-60 kit lens or the 50mm f1.8 for low light outdoors.
Microphone is a diy Primo em172 stereo mounted on diy stereo arms with wind protection.
The microphone plugs in directly into the Lumix S5 camera.

Voiceovers were recorded a long time with the cheap chinese BM-800 and a phantom power box going strainght into the PC sound card.

Now voiceovers are recorded exclusively with the Rode NT1 microphone and the Rode Ai-1 audio interface.

Software for editing color and audio: Davinci Resolve but you can use any editing software you have. Even movie maker works fine!


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