This is not about the technical part but the human aspect of being a decent or good successful YouTuber.

Don’t spam anywhere

Be careful with spam comments on yt.
People hate that.

We have them blocked. Talk to channels that interest you but not for the ulterior motive haha.

Better focus on making good videos:

  • not too long
  • great thumbnail
  • catchy title but not clickbait

Collab if you can

Collab with other channels if it benefits both.

Don’t do sub4sub it hurts your channel

Don’t ask people to sub to you so you sub back. That’s not allowed and it hurts the channel doing that.

YouTube sees what your subs do. If they ignore your videos, it’s really bad. Your videos will not be recommended to other viewers if your subs ignore you. It’s better if they unsubscribe than to keep ignoring your new videos.

Never buy views likes subs

Never ever buy subs, views likes. That can easily get your channel terminated for ever and ever.

Ask your viewers to subscribe for more

Ask people to sub in the video and make it fun. Guys we reached xyz subs thank you!

Thank your subs for wanting to watch your videos.

The algorithm hates me

The YouTube recommendation algorithms don’t hate you or me or anyone. The ‘algorithm’ is designed to measure viewer satisfaction and recommend videos that viewers might enjoy watching at the moment.

The algorithm follows the users, replace algorithm with users in the above.

Videos might be too long or just not interesting.

Follow the viewers but not blindly

Try to ask your viewers what they like to see. Polls are a great tool for this and community posts in general help feel like a community.

Whatever the viewers want to see you have to try to please them within limits.

You must enjoy what you’re doing and not feel weird doing it.

What works on YouTube

You can make anything you like as long as it’s decent not offensive, family friendly in general is ok.

I’ll give the example with our channels.

We have 2 channels, one did well another not much.
We realized, all effort should go in one and we can pull up the other one later.
Still thinking the second channel can come back but seems like viewers moved on.

Not much growth but steady and promising.

What brings views from Browse and Suggested for us:

  • length enough to show stuff but not too long.
  • great thumbnails (wish we did better here)
  • rare subject few videos on yt. (Hard to upload consistently)
  • trending subjects (the news)
  • popular ways to do things with a twist (how to close a door silently)

Do what you enjoy on YouTube

Do what you like.
And watch the channel Creator Insider on YouTube.
Especially you MUST this video whole right now.

Good Luck and Have Fun


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